Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ultimate Question

Ho Ho Ho!

We are certainly closing in on our departure time, aren't we?  I have been checking the weather maps around the world and I find that the number of predicted storms we need to deal with this year are a pretty typical amount and they pose no unusual threats to our magical flight around the world on Christmas Eve!

You know, every year I receive a number of letters asking if I am real. I think it is safe to say that Santa is as real as you believe him to be - if you choose NOT to believe, you are missing out on something that IS universally moving, and for that, I feel truly sad for you.  How do you deal with the concept of gravity? . . .

I can tell you I am real!  It's a fact.  I could not write to you like this if I wasn't real.  A good portion of the Christmas magic would be lost if I was not real.  There will always be those that doubt my very existence, but here I am - I promise.  We'll discover where your beliefs have sided in the next few days.

Ho Ho Ho!


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