Friday, December 3, 2010

Questions For Santa!

Ho Ho Ho!

I promised to share with you some questions that children have recently asked me - here are just a few:

Gabrielle B. asks- I have a 9 week old baby brother, how will you know what he wants for Christmas, he can’t talk yet?

Brother can communicate without talking – All he wants is to hear mommy’s heartbeat and feel her warmth while being held close to her.  He also wants to feel the love of his family and to be a part of the family.  Did you know that baby brother is a little miracle and a gift TO your family this year?  It’s true!
Hunter C. asks- My grandma told us bout the presents you left her when she was little, just how old are you?
I suppose I am quite old, just a few hundred years older than grandma.  Grandma was on my Nice List way back then and still is today!
Elijah M. asks- How come you don’t bring me everything that I asked for?
Trust me – You would be very unhappy if you received EVERYTHING you asked for!  You would have little to look forward to.  Hope is essential for the human spirit!
How old is he?  Where was he born?
Santa is a few hundred years old & was born inside the Arctic Circle near the North Pole.
How many elves work at the North Pole?

All of the elves at the North Pole work hard creating gifts for you – there are so many elves moving so fast that we have a difficult time counting them all!

Ho Ho Ho!


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