Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Thinking . . .

Ho Ho Ho!

I was just thinking - What makes Christmas special to you?

You know, over the years, things have evolved somewhat.  I can remember when folks were pretty content and very thankful for warmth, shelter, and food for their bodies.  Many new items have now been placed on the list that includes electronics, games, toys, and the like.  Fewer requests are being made these days for what I call the necessities of life.

We are very lucky to live at a time when we are so fortunate as a society.  Let me just say this - I have seen the times when the bounties of life were scarce. It would be wise for each of us to put a little away just in case . . .

Remember to enjoy your friends, family, and loved ones; they are your companions through all the years.  

Ho Ho Ho!



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