Monday, December 13, 2010

A Dozen Days Now

Ho Ho Ho!

As I look at my December Calendar, I can see we are only twelve days away from Christmas!  When I look at the Toy Shop, all I can see is millions of gifts, each one wrapped just perfectly for our exciting Christmas Eve flight around the world.  I can hardly wait for Christmas - How about you?

How are you doing with your gift wrapping this season?  Isn't it fun to keep a secret - to know what is inside the wrapping paper?  I sometimes giggle out loud when I know what's in there, but the person getting the gift doesn't know.  And the wrapping paper is just so festive!  One time I forgot what gift I wrapped up, then I had a brain cramp trying to remember - but when I finally did, I wrote out the gift tag right away so I wouldn't forget again.

Ho Ho Ho!


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