Monday, December 6, 2010

Questions For Santa! - Part III

Ho Ho Ho!

The constituents continue to write . . .

I want to know how he fits all the toys for all the kids in the world in that one bag?
When the bag is empty, Santa refills it!

How does he know what to bring to a little girl when she is born on Christmas day? (From Jacqueline in Colorado – born Christmas Day 2006)
What a special birthday and a very special gift you are to your family, Jacqueline!  Santa deals with Christmas requests and not very much with birthday requests, so if the gift is from Santa, it is a Christmas gift.  Sometimes you can tell by the wrapping paper if it is a birthday gift or a Christmas gift . . . Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you!

What is Mrs. Claus’ first name? (From: Suzanne in Colorado)

What’s the funniest thing he’s seen when coming down the chimney?
Eyeballs looking up, filling with chimney soot!

What are the strangest cookies he’s ever had?

Dandelion with seaweed cookies – needed LOTS of milk to get those down!

Does he own a bathing suit?

Yes, two! – They are both red with white trim . . .

Ho Ho Ho!


Happy Birthday K-A-J!

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