Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Week Away

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas day is only one week away!  Are you as excited about that as we are here at the North Pole?

We took another practice flight the other evening down along the Pacific Coast into Mexico, then back up through the Southern and Midwest states, into Canada then back across the prairies and home to the North Pole.

Everything went well with the exception of the orange trimming along the way.  What orange trimming am I speaking of?  I will tell you - as we lowered our altitude and flew closer to the orange trimming, it turns out that many communities have trimmed the roads with orange barrels and orange-striped barricades due to construction projects that are ongoing!

I prefer to fly well above the multitude of orange trimming that we witnessed. I don't know how you folks deal with that day after day.  Seems to me that the orange trimming acted like a huge magnet for cars, trucks, and buses . . .

Ho Ho Ho!


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