Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questions For Santa! - Part V

Ho Ho Ho!

Thanks for all of the questions, children!

Where did you come up with the idea of giving coal to bad girls and boys? And do you still give it?

The idea of giving a lump of coal was not Santa’s idea. It was once given when most folks burned coal in their fireplaces to stay warm – it was meant to say “I would like to help you stay comfortable and warm.” In Scotland, it is still given between friends around New Year’s to represent ‘good luck’ in the coming new year to the recipients.

What’s his favorite cookie??

Santa’s favorite is the one you set out for him – he likes them all!

How does Santa get into our house without a Chimney? (From Jared in TN)

Santa has a few different ways to get in a home with no chimney, it’s not a problem for me! I will share 3 different ways to get in without a chimney and keep the other ways secret for now.
First – Some families prefer to have an adult wait up and let me in at a door, any door. They usually help me with the gifts when that happens.
2nd – I sometimes find a key has been left out so that I can take care of my responsibilities using the house key, when I am done, I put the key back.
3rd – I also have a key that will get me into ANY home on Christmas Eve. I keep it right on my big belt on Christmas Eve so I don’t forget it back at the North Pole!

Ho Ho Ho!


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