Friday, December 10, 2010

Family Fun Night

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Friday!  I am so excited for our family fun night later on today - we are going to send Christmas cards to all of our close family members, dear friends, and business associates!  Most of our cards are made at home.

Each year our list seems to grow a little bit, but it is always so wonderful to wish others our genuine and most sincere thoughts of the Christmas season.  Doesn't it just make you feel warm inside to truly wish for someone else to have a Merry Christmas or Joy in their world or that they may enjoy Heavenly Peace?

A good portion of the magic of Christmas is found in wishing for the best of circumstances and choicest of blessings to be with those that we care about - and that those folks are aware of our heartfelt desires in their behalf!

How about you - aren't there special people in your life that you could send Special Greetings to?

Ho Ho Ho!

BTW - Happiest of Birthdays to Jen!

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