Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughtful Gift Idea

Ho Ho Ho!

Hello Friend!  I hope you enjoyed the past few days of questions and answers from our close followers - quite insightful, wouldn't you agree?

I have recently been giving some thought to a small gift that is very meaningful to others.  I have had requests to offer gift ideas that are affordable while remaining thoughtful.  I have an idea that is financially affordable, pleasantly thoughtful and very valuable to the recipient as well.

I would first say, more than anything, the time you spend with someone else is the most valuable gift you can provide!  We are all given the same 24 hours in a day - you could spend a portion of your time just being friends with someone that may benefit from your friendliness with them.  Look around you, the opportunities seem endless . . .

We all enjoy the time that other people invest in us, so if you choose to provide that genuine enjoyment as a gift to someone else, I can think of none better!  The sooner you spend the gift of time with someone looking for a good friend, the sooner that gift is enjoyed by both of you - that's right, it will be genuinely enjoyed by both of you!

Ho Ho Ho!


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