Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reindeer Vision . . .

Ho Ho Ho!

We are so happy today - all of the reindeer are going to be visited by Dr. Seemore - our North Pole optometrist!  Dr. Seemore helps all of the reindeer to, well, see more. 

The good doctor works well with animals, helping them to enjoy everyday life here at the North Pole.  I'll bet you never thought about this, but it is very important for safety reasons that all of the reindeer are able to have clear vision on our around the world flight that is coming Christmas Eve. 

The doctor looks in their big, brown eyes with a little flashlight, then shows them pictures on a white wall in the reindeer barn of carrots and berries to see if they react to the pictures - if they paw the ground or bob their heads a little bit, we know they can see well and they recognize the item shown!

Thank you Dr. Seemore!  You provide a wonderful service to our community.

We'll see you my friend . . . 

Ho Ho Ho!


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