Thursday, December 16, 2010

North Pole Activity

Ho Ho Ho!

Great day my friend!  The North Pole is so full of activity right now - the reindeer are exercising and working together so that we can fly without a hitch all over the world next week.  The elves, of course, are still cranking out many beautiful gifts in the Toy Shop while others are wrapping and stacking the gifts for delivery.

I am checking my list and taking care of the mail.  Mrs. Claus has been doing a ton of cooking and baking for everyone here at the North Pole as well as assisting with one of our great neighbors who hasn't been feeling too well this week.  Malcolm the mailman has been diligent as always in taking care of all the North Pole mail.  This place seems to work like a well orchestrated machine, everyone accomplishing much every day!

I would like to know how things are with you - are you ready for Christmas next week?  Are you ready and waiting for Christmas to arrive or are you still thinking about what to do?  Either way, there isn't much time left!  

Ho Ho Ho!


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