Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Questions For Santa! - Part IV

Ho Ho Ho!

And they write . . .

If a child is bad will he still give them presents?

Santa knows that everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a 2nd chance.  Extra love from others is the key.

Ethan wants to know why Santa doesn’t visit his Jewish friend Julian?

Santa respects the beliefs and wishes of all families.  Julian is considered to be a very good friend of Santa!

Why his beard don’t catch on fire when he comes down the chimney?

Santa usually does not come down fiery chimneys – it isn’t safe!

Does Santa prefer oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies???

Santa prefers chocolate chip cookies on even years and oatmeal cookies the other years – he likes them all!

Does he ever have to stop and take a bathroom break? How does he do it without getting caught?

Santa takes the breaks when needed – the nearest “Palace of Necessity” is usually close.  Not many folks can see the rooftops of taller buildings, you know . . . so we land there and use the stairs to the nearest available facilities inside that building.

Ho Ho Ho!



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