Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fantastic Mrs. Claus

Ho Ho Ho!

"Merry Christmas!" - what a wonderful greeting that is!

I want to let Mrs. Claus know how much she adds to our lives here at the North Pole.  She works tirelessly and so unselfishly as she tends to the needs of everyone else, yet she does it all so pleasantly and without as much as a sharp word.

All this week she has been taking meals in to a great neighbor that hasn't been feeling very well and has spent some time making sure that our neighbor has been looked after and has been as comfortable as possible.  Mrs. Claus seems to always give of herself without reserve and she needs to realize that we all love her and we applaud her actions each and every day even though our thoughts are not usually verbalized as they should be.

Is there a 'Mrs. Claus' in your life that you thank and recognize?  Or are you the 'Mrs. Claus' in the lives of others that was discussed just now?  From the bottom of our sometimes silent hearts, know this, Mrs. Claus, wherever you may exist - We applaud your efforts, we benefit from your presence, and we will try to be better at helping out and showing our appreciation for you - but most of all, we love you and want you to know that!

Ho Ho Ho!


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