Saturday, December 11, 2010

Malcolm The Mailman & Other Helpers

Ho Ho Ho!

Good day my friends!  I just answered a knock at the door from Malcolm the mailman - he arrived with nineteen and a half huge mail bags full of letters for me today!  Malcolm is always very polite and such a great helper - he will soon deliver all of our beautiful home made Christmas cards that we finished just last night.  

I really enjoy receiving mail from boys and girls around the world.  Many times I receive a list that informs me of a few gifts that would make someone very happy to find on Christmas morning.  Sometimes I hear from a mom or dad that are having a rough time - they most always ask for my help in taking care of the needs of their children.  Once in a while, I will receive a letter from a child that asks for gifts for others instead of themselves.

Realize this - Santa does his best to help everyone he possibly can, but I also need your assistance from time to time because if you look around your part of the world, you will notice people needing a little help during the Christmas season.  Go ahead, give them a smile or some of your time or be their friend. Make them a card or a few cookies, or an ornament.  

Thanks for being one of Santa's best helpers!

Ho Ho Ho!


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