Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Traditional Signs of the Christmas Season

Ho Ho Ho!

Good day to you.  I wanted to visit with you for just a moment to talk about some of the traditional signs of the Christmas season.  In many areas of the world, the onset of cooler and cold weather are sure signs of the season.  In other areas, the warm weather indicates that Christmas is just about to arrive.

Some of my favorite Christmas signals are festive trees, bright and twinkly lights, shiny ornaments, more kindness is being shown to one another, fresh baked gingerbread men in the kitchen of Mrs. Claus, the Toy Shop has a huge inventory, and the reindeer are getting in shape and practicing their take-offs and landings!

I know you must have a number of traditional items that signal the Christmas season for you . . . Please share with Santa which traditional signs of the season helps you look forward to Christmas every year.  Thank you in advance for sharing!

Ho Ho Ho!



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