Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Musical Sounds of Merry Elves . . .

Ho Ho Ho!

I wanted to check in with you today to see how you are! I hope all is well with you and yours. Be sure to bundle up as cold weather approaches - no need to catch a cold!

While I was in the toasty-warm Toy Shop the other day, I was astonished by the beautiful sounds as the elves all worked on toys and such. The beautiful noise wasn't coming from the toys, it was coming from the elves themselves - they were singing Christmas songs! The elves have established an All Elf Choir and they were practicing their sweet songs as they were working! I thought at first that they had some special Christmas songs playing on the radio, but as I looked all around the Toy Shop, I could see that every one of our elves had a huge smile on their face and that the music was theirs, not something on the radio . . .

There are some wonderful stories told through music - I hope you will listen for those special stories, especially in Christmas songs!

Ta Ta for now,

Ho Ho Ho!


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