Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Is Coming Soon

Ho Ho Ho!

It is certain that Thanksgiving Day will be here in just a few days in the United States! If you live in Canada you know Thanksgiving Day was celebrated last month. Just think about that word, Thanksgiving - It means that we are giving thanks to God for all that we have and enjoy!

The Pilgrim settlers gave thanks nearly 400 years ago with a large harvest feast. The tradition of a day of Thanksgiving has continued through the years and many families go to great lengths and make many sacrifices to observe this special day.

What are some traditions that your family holds dear for Thanksgiving Day? Do you sometimes travel to other destinations to be with family and friends? Some families serve others in various settings. Many families have traditional meals of turkey with other side dishes - what are some of your favorite meal ideas?

It seems like quite a few pies are consumed on Thanksgiving Day - what is your favorite pie? Santa has only two favorites: cold AND warm!

Ho Ho Ho!


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