Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Evening Test Flight Near You . . .

Ho Ho Ho!

It sure is brisk outside over much of the North American continent!

I had the pleasure of taking the reindeer on another test flight last night, covering all of Canada and the United States!  We dashed down from the North Pole and quickly covered Canada from the Yukon Territory and British Columbia across the Nunavut Territories then down to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

We soon found ourselves heading south along the U.S. East Coast until we flew over the warmth of Florida and then we headed northwest and then west until we had flown over nearly every state and province on the map!  We even found a very nice field in Nebraska for Donner, Blitzen, and the other reindeer to stop for a snack!  It was fun to fly with them all - they are so familiar with the area that I hardly needed to steer them the entire evening.

We are planning our Christmas Eve flight with you in mind - are you looking forward to our visit as well?  

Ho Ho Ho!



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