Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday . . .

Ho Ho Ho!

Hello my very special friend!  It is such a beautiful Tuesday here at the North Pole - there was a nice layer of frost on the windows and when the sunlight first swept across the window panes, an amazing discovery was found!

The frost had made a beautiful picture on the glass of the windows - there were sweeping curves, and feather-like features as well as sparkles on the frosty landscape!  There were also great swirls that looked like a magical wind had blown across an imagined horizon.

After just a few minutes of admiring such a beautiful, natural masterpiece, the sun had warmed the glass just enough to cause all of that magic to disappear - the frost was replaced with clear sunshine for now. We look forward to other wonderful shows provided by Mother Nature as the winter months arrive.  Take care . . .

Ho Ho Ho!



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