Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Friday Family Night

Ho Ho Ho!

Here it is Friday again already!  We are planning our family night for this evening and Mrs. Claus is making one of our family favorites - warm apple dumplings!  Each of those delicious apples are sprinkled with just a bit of cinnamon and sugar and wrapped in a little pie-like crust, then baked until the aroma permeates Santa's cranium!

After they are baked in the oven and cooled for a little while, Mrs. Claus will serve these warm, fresh treats with some milk in a little bowl - just perfect for a great evening of family fun!

Do you have a favorite holiday treat?  Maybe you could share a recipe with Mrs. Claus or share with us what it is and why you like it so much - we can hardly wait for your response!

Ho Ho Ho!


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