Saturday, November 13, 2010

Morning Chores

Ho Ho Ho!

Hello friend!

We are getting our chores done early this morning so we can have some free time a little later today.  We started the day at the Reindeer Barn and cleaned the old straw out of the barn and replaced it with some fresh, golden- yellow straw.  All of the animals prefer to have fresh straw in the barn as it helps them to stay warm, snuggly warm, and also makes them more comfortable as they sleep.

After we finished there, we went to the Toy Shop to help the elves get some of the new toys put into packages and ready for good boys and girls around the world.  There are many, many amazingly wonderful toys that the elves work so hard to get ready - can you even imagine a toy factory that is so huge, you can't see the top or the ends of it!  Our Toy Shop here at the North Pole is just like that - huge!  Just huge!

What a wonderful time of year it is . . .

Ho Ho Ho!


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