Monday, November 29, 2010

Monkey Tails

Ho Ho Ho!

Last time we had a little chat, I was being called away to the Toy Shop. I learned that one of our most important conveyor belts had stopped and none of the new toys could move along to the shipping area - quite intense!

As soon as I arrived at the Toy Shop the elves informed me that the issue had been diagnosed and fixed!  It turns out that one of the safety switches for the conveyor belt was turned off by accident when a brand new stuffed toy monkey got his tail caught on the safety switch!  That's right, the stuffed monkey was traveling along the conveyor belt with his little twisted tail hanging over the edge of the belt - when the monkey tail passed the safety switch, it moved the switch to safe mode and shut down the entire shipping line.

Our traveling monkeys now have their tails located in a much better spot on the conveyor system so that we don't have any other little monkey tail incidents!  I guess it's all kind of humorous when you think about it!  

Ho Ho Ho!


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