Friday, November 26, 2010

Less Than 30 Days Now!

Ho Ho Ho!

It was sure special to enjoy the company of so many family members and friends yesterday!  We were discussing just how fast Christmas Eve seems to be approaching - Isn't it extremely exciting for you?  It certainly is for me!

The elves in the Toy Shop are working very quickly now to get all the toys made in time for Christmas and the reindeer are getting in tip-top shape for our worldwide flight!  After a very peaceful Thanksgiving holiday yesterday at the North Pole, the pace has hastened today and everything is in high production mode!

How about you - are you preparing for Christmas yet?  Some folks are probably just getting started; a few are nearly done with their preparations, and then some others, well - they don't have a clue just yet as to what they are going to do!  I hope you are at least making your lists and checking them twice - that's what I do!

Ho Ho Ho!



  1. This is the cutest thing! I love that you can save these from year to year!!

  2. Wow santa, I had no idea that you had a blog! I have one myself, aren't they great!

    Yes Christmas is around the corner and this christmas is extra stressful for me, but I didn't come here to worry you with my problems, you're probably aware anyways. I just wanted to say that it brought me a smile to know what you're up to.

    Merry Christmas, hope you had fun at thanksgiving!