Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Nice List" Tuesday Tip

Ho Ho Ho!

Here it is, Tuesday, and Santa wants to share with you a helpful tip for getting on the Nice List this year and every year to come!

Did you know my favorite exercise is SMILING? Do you know that everyone in the whole, wide world smiles in the same language? That is so, so true! If you smile at someone, they will usually smile back at you - In fact, you can never give away a smile permanently because somehow, somewhere, somebody will give a smile back to you! Almost all smiles are started by another smile. Every time you smile at someone, you are sharing a gift with that person, a very beautiful gift that transcends all cultures and languages.

Always have a smile, my friend, - and remember the good it can bring to the most important muscle in your entire body - your heart!

Ho Ho Ho!



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