Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Ho Ho Ho!

Well it is early here at the North Pole and it is the day that we show our gratitude and give thanks to God for blessing us with so much in our lives!

Mrs. Claus has already started preparations in the kitchen this morning, and while I work here at my desk, I can smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and some pies as well!  We usually see quite a few friends and of course have the elves over for our feast of thanksgiving - we are so grateful for so many things!

Later on, we will have our Thanksgiving Day meal and help with the cleanup - that is a treat by itself, helping each other with the chores!  When we are done with that, Mrs. Claus and I will turn off the lamps and sit together in front of our well-lit Christmas tree.  We take turns pointing out each specific light on the tree and we tell each other why we are thankful for some special blessing that each light represents.  All in all, we always have plenty of lights on the tree and plenty of things that we are so thankful for - it is a fun and much anticipated tradition.

Have you done something like this or have another tradition that you would like to share with me?  Feel free to respond - I'd love to learn from you . . .

Ho Ho Ho!


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