Monday, October 25, 2010

Toys Are Being Made Right Now!

Ho Ho Ho!

Hello my friends!  Santa was just over at the Toy Shop where the elves are very busy putting together thousands of different toys for Christmas.  They are still busy with toys that have wheels on them and are putting together some of the lovely dolls. The elves do a real nice job of packaging all of the toys so they are protected from damage and look nice when they are opened!

The different colors used on the toys are like looking at a rainbow - there are so many beautiful colors and they look so, so good as they are painted and tinted.  The elves must be extra careful once the toys are painted so they don't get the wet paint on things they shouldn't.  They also take great care to wrap the toys when the paint dries so that the beautiful painted finish remains intact and without blemishes when it leaves the Toy Shop here at the North Pole.

Thanks for checking in today - Santa is on his way to Mrs. Claus's kitchen to see if there is something he can do to help with the kitchen chores.  Maybe Mrs. Claus will have something she wants Santa to sample today!

Ho Ho Ho!


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