Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Help in the Kitchen of Mrs. Claus . . .

Ho Ho Ho!

What a beautiful day it is here at the North Pole!  There is a crispness in the air that let's me know that everything is coming together just before our big Christmas Eve flight around the world!  We can hardly wait to deliver special gifts for all of the folks that make it on Santa's Nice List this year!

I was just on my way to Mrs. Claus's kitchen to see if I could help with any kitchen chores when we last visited. I was asked to do just a couple of simple chores, which I did right away, and Mrs. Claus let me sample some delicious, warm cookies that had just come from her oven!  I just knew there was a good chance that if I helped her in the kitchen with some of the chores that I would get a nice feeling inside and maybe a little reward!  Lucky me - I got BOTH!  You should give it a try yourself, it sure is great!

We'll chat again soon . . .  Ho Ho Ho!



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