Friday, October 29, 2010

Shirley the Squirrel Helps

Ho Ho Ho!

You won't believe what happened today at the Toy Shop - one of our squirrel friends, Shirley, came over to help us paint the toys that had just been built.  Shirley the squirrel had a hard time holding the paint brush in her small little hands, so guess what?  Shirley dipped her own squirrel tail in the paint and wiggled her little squirrel hips, and painted the toys in no time at all!  Can you imagine my surprise when I saw Shirley with a bright yellow tail?! I was laughing so hard that my hat almost fell right off my head.  All of the elves were laughing, too, especially when Shirley would move her hips like a dancer and brush the paint on the toys!

I hope you are having fun and enjoying the season!  Talk again soon!

Ho Ho Ho!


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