Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting Santa's Sleigh Ready To Go!

Ho Ho Ho!

Here we are in the Reindeer Barn, looking over Santa's Sleigh to see what we need to do to be ready for our Christmas Eve flight around the world.

The elves have put a fresh coat of shiny red paint on the sleigh this year and have just waxed the ski rails to make it go lightning-fast in our travels. The comfy leather seat has been cleaned and polished and the shiny brass trim has also been polished.  We just replaced the leather straps that Santa steers the reindeer with, so no problem there.

The big rack on the rear of the sleigh has new soft sides so that none of Santa's gifts are damaged in flight.  Santa also has a shiny new buckle on his seat belt so that he can be sure to be safe while flying so fast above the Earth.

Santa is sure looking forward to the trip to your house this Christmas Eve!  Be good and we will check back here soon.  Updates are placed here frequently, so tell your family & friends where they can find out what Santa is up to!  All of us will have more and more fun as the holiday season gets closer and closer!

Ho Ho Ho!


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