Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Rain

Ho Ho Ho!

Have you ever experienced "Ice Rain"?  The North Pole is usually pretty chilly this time of year but a warm spell brought the temps up to near 40 degrees the past few days.

We had plenty of rain for three days then a polar blast of cold air followed right behind the warm days and froze everything!  Even the reindeer were slipping and sliding around - they are typically very sure-footed!  Well at least all of the trees and power lines are encased with a clear coat of sparkling ice that really gives a special shine!  We have many of the elves out and about spreading sand on the roads and walkways so others won't slip and become injured.

You take care of yourselves - we want you to remain strong and healthy for a long time to come . . . Say, how are you doing with your new goals for this year?  You know I'll be checking on you!

Ho Ho Ho!


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