Monday, January 24, 2011

Beautiful Sunny Day

Ho Ho Ho!

What a beautiful sunny day it is here at the North Pole!  The sun is just glistening across the snow flakes making the entire area look like it has been landscaped in small little diamonds!  It is awe-inspiring to say the least.

How is the weather where you are right now?  Do you have snow?  With all of the elves outside working with the reindeer in our cold weather, it looks like a big cloud of steam as they all breathe in and out.  It is well below freezing all day long with the morning hours especially nippy.  I have just built Mrs. Claus a very toasty fire to stay comfortable - she certainly appreciates the warmth that our fireplace provides for the entire home.

Well, I must head over to the Toy Shop to see how things are looking for our production of new gifts for our Christmas Eve flight.  You stay warm and be good - you know I will be checking my list throughout the year!

Ho Ho Ho!


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